False binaries on Syria


Al-Jazeera has published an insightful article by Bassam Haddad responding to those painting the uprising in Syria in binary terms i.e. either supporting the Syrian regime or the calculating regional and global powers, seeking a war by proxy, for their own regional designs. While intervening nations, specifically the US regime, are driven by imperialist agendas, it would be disingenuous to paint those protesting to be motivated in achieving these designs or that the regime is indeed orchestrating its crackdown to counter these objectives, rather than remaining in power to dictate its own terms.

Rather the full knowledge of the terms of intervention should direct a position that is both supportive of those revolting against a dictatorship but while opposing any military intervention led by these same external actors:

In other words, Syria is being used by various powers, including the United States and Saudi Arabia and their chorus, as an occasion to accomplish their own objectives in the region – reactionary ones, to be sure, in terms of the interests of most people in the region as the decades behind us attest, and as the current uprisings against the “fruits” of such objectives make clearer even to some skeptics. That does not mean, that we should withdraw our opposition and halt the struggle against dictatorship in Syria. It only serves to remind us how not to do it


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