‘Syria Revolts’ aims to provide analysis on events in Syria, as demonstrations spread across the country. It will also seek to monitor sources, both official and otherwise, and provide commentary.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Juliette,

    Thanks for the kind comment.

    This blog is a platform to keep abreast with event in Syria and sometimes to give an opinion.

    As for more about me, then I would prefer, for now, to use the platform anonymously.

  2. Hello my fellow Syrian Patriot.

    You are doing a beautiful job with this blog, making evident our resistance to the tyranny Syria now faces while correctly analyzing and scrutinizing those in the opposition who do not have Syria’s interest at heart. Our strength comes from our diversity, and our steadfastness derives from the love we foster for our country. Syria and its people have an oppurtunity unlike any other, let us seize this moment. Keep up the good work friend and I will continue to read.

  3. Not a good resource… no!
    It is a mouthpiece of the Muslim Brothers ‘National Council,’ and the pawn owners!

    Look at the title of the gem:

    “Suspending Syria’s Membership and the Administration of a Transition”

    The article, expresses a strange and unfounded enthusiasm to the impending formation of a ‘transition government.’ Demanded by who? The ‘National Council’ in Paris, or the ragtag ‘Free Syrian Army’ from Turkey? It may be the Shaikh of Qatar, as ordered by his mentors across the Jordan and overseas!

    No one knows!

    PS. I don’t believe you would have the courage to publish this. It would not be surprising.

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